HOLIDAY TIME . . . Again.

Wow.  Here it is again. Thanksgiving.  Then Hanukah.  Then Christmas.  Then the New Year.  2016.  Its happened.  Another year has flown by and we want you to know that we are forever filled with gratitude for all that you do and all that you have done. Your support and belief in us is what makes us strive to move forward.  Our vow for 2016?  Well, we want to put out a new album (a/k/a CD, download, etc.) so fingers crossed for that AND we want to add some new venues to our roster.  We are excited that we already have several weddings and private events booked for 2016 already.  You guys keep us in  mind if there are any private functions or clubs you think we'd be perfect for.  

Those of you who were hoping for a duo Christmas show - we'll add that to the list of things that need to happen for 2016.  BUT if you'd like to see Kayla performing with David Ellington's band - they will be performing music from A  CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS every Sunday in December at Venkman's Restaurant and Concert Venue on Ralph McGill Blvd in Downtown Atlanta (a/k/a The Old Fourth Ward).  Reservations are accepted.  

A full list of all gigs for Kayla Taylor Jazz, Retrograde and Kayla's side projects are on the GIGS page.  Thank you again for being you and for loving us.  Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.  I'll drop back in before the holidays but its going to be busy for KAYLA TAYLOR JAZZ, RETROGRADE ACOUSTIC DUO and for KAYLA TAYLOR.