But . . . . I like it warm.  HOT is, well . . . hot!  So . . . with summer upon us and the HOT WEATHER beaming down already here in the ATL, what's a girl to do?  Well, what I do is play music in as many climate controlled environments as possible!  The boys dig the climate control, too.  Who doesn't, really?  I have curly hair.  You may or may not have noticed.  Heat = sweat = more curls.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I have straight hair just like up there on top of the website ^. That's called Denial!  What does all of this have to do with music?  I'll tell ya - come on out to one of our fabulously climate controlled gigs and enjoy some beautiful jazz with Kayla Taylor Jazz or some groovy retro tunes with Retrograde Acoustic Duo.   All the dates are listed on the page called GIGS.

We will be back at TAVOLA after the Summer.  It was hard to get our schedules together with vacations happening on our end and on the restaurant's end . . .  so we will be back there in August.  Yippee!!!!  

Y'all enjoy the beautiful summer and send us some pictures from your vacations, or your gardens, or y'all just having fun.  

Peace, Love, Jazz & Folk Rock!