Where you can see us on a regular basis!

Hello Everyone.

I'm going to create an FAQ page but until that happens . . . here is where you can see both bands on a regular basis:

RETROGRADE - Every single Wednesday night at Ray's in the City 6p - 10p

Kayla Taylor Trio - Every single Friday night at Ray's in the City 7p - 11p

Now - if for some reason we were to get an enormously outrageously priced gig for a private client - trust me - we'll be there instead.  Our Facebook pages stay current and you can always check last minute to make sure that's where we are headed.  Sometimes if the jazz trio can't be together but Kayla can do the gig - then she will swap jazz for Retrograde.  Same Kayla - different music.  If you love the jazz trio or 5 piece combo - you will also love Retrograde.  If you love Retrograde - you will also love the jazz combo or trio.  We promise.  If you don't - well, there are great therapist, hypotherapists and medications that can assist you with your insanity!

FACEBOOK FOR Kayla Taylor Jazz: (click here)    FACEBOOK FOR Retrograde:  (Click here)

Why are we at Ray's in the City?  Because we love the staff, we love the food, we love the service.  We do NOT like to play at a venue that doesn't have great staff, food and service.  WE value your time and money way more than that.  If you have an unfavorable experience at any venue we play at.  Please contact us personally and let us know and we will pass you experience along to the powers that be and follow up with you to make sure you are okay.  We love you guys and we value our relationships with each and every one of you.

Where the heck is Ray's in the City?  240 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA - DOWNTOWN - its a whole new experience and you need to just get your mind around it and make the trek to downtown.  UBER. MARTA. LIMO. Drive yourselves.  Its worth the trip!