SERIOUSLY? I swear I'm trying.

I'm terrible at this updating the website thing.  But I swear I really am trying.  Anyone have any tips on how to make this a more streamlined situation?  Every year I say - I'm going to blog on the website weekly and every year . . . I don't.  So much easier when I was doing newsletters, but why?  Why did that work better?  If anyone has a clue - please - by all means share the info.  Meanwhile - Kayla Taylor Trio is playing ALMOST every Thursday at Ray's in the City.  We're there all of the ones we're there and not at the ones we aren't.  Just make sure you check the calendar so you know for sure.  Also - we will be at the historic (and apparently haunted) Old Vinings Inn on Feb 24 and Mar 24.  You MUST CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION FOR THE ATTIC.  I know - very 1982 but we love retro.  The dining room is on OpenTable but NOT the ATTIC and that is where we are - so just pick up the phone and call:  770.438.2282.  You may have to leave a message if they are busy.  Thank you for the extra effort.  Truly - your support has been invaluable to us and we thank you for every gig you have ever come to.  A big shout out to our private clients, too!!! Y'all kept us afloat during the pandemic.  Phew!  Seriously.  Thank you for your innovative thinking on how to keep us working.