SERIOUSLY? I swear I'm trying. 

I'm terrible at this updating the website thing.  But I swear I really am trying.  Anyone have any tips on how to make this a more streamlined situation?  Every year I say - I'm going to blog on the website weekly and every year . . . I don't.  So much easier when I was doing newsletters, but why?  Why did that work better?  If anyone has a clue - please - by all means share the info.  Meanwhile - Kayla Taylor Trio is playing ALMOST every Thursday at Ray's in the City.  We're there all of the ones we're there and not at the ones we aren't.  Just make sure you check the calendar so you know for sure.  Also - we will be at the historic (and apparently haunted) Old Vinings Inn on Feb 24 and Mar 24.  You MUST CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION FOR THE ATTIC.  I know - very 1982 but we love retro.  The dining room is on OpenTable but NOT the ATTIC and that is where we are - so just pick up the phone and call:  770.438.2282.  You may have to leave a message if they are busy.  Thank you for the extra effort.  Truly - your support has been invaluable to us and we thank you for every gig you have ever come to.  A big shout out to our private clients, too!!! Y'all kept us afloat during the pandemic.  Phew!  Seriously.  Thank you for your innovative thinking on how to keep us working. 

January 2022 

Here we are.  Another year.  Grateful as ever to be playing and performing for you wherever you come to see us.  Listen, you have no idea how much we love and appreciate you.  Thank you thank you thank you.  We hope to see you even more in 2022.  Keep us in mind for any of your parties - big or small.  Neighborhood concerts are some of our favorites - its a thing that happened during the shut down . . . folks hired us to come bring musical joy to their neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs. Magical, magical gigs.  So keep that in mind.  If you can't come to us . . . . we, my friend, will come to you!

Well we made it to 2021. 

We're here.  We are here.  2021 has arrived and if you are reading this, you made it too.  Lawd Have Mercy on my soul.  Glad to see 2020 is G-O-N-E.  Don't get me wrong there were some bright spots . . . when I had my eye exam . . . (laugh - its funny.)

We've been doing a few gigs here and there.  Kayla & Steve are mainly working as a jazz duo right now.  Restaurants, Bars, clubs - those that are open have huge budgeting restraints as a result of the pandemic.  It limits their entertainment budget - understandably.  So rather than whining about it - we do the gig with what their budget will allow.  When we can - we pull our fabulous saxophone player (Randy Hunter) along with us.  Now, that being said - we have had tremendous success with neighborhood parties and private parties where clients set up their lawns like Chastain and bring live music back to their neighborhoods that way.  We have done many cul-de-sac concerts and its been a huge hit.  Let us know if you want to schedule an outdoor concert!  Sooooo much fun!

As far as where we are currently playing publicly . . . OLD VININGS INN in the heart of Vinings area and ADELE'S CAJUN RESTAURANT in downtown Roswell.

Our very next dates coming up are at Old Vinings Inn on Feb 5 & Feb 26.  Make a reservation by calling:  770-438-2282.  Tell them you want to be part of the music in the Attic - cause that's where we are and they serve the FULL MENU up there.  There is a $15/per person cover to help with the cost of entertainment (we hope you don't mind.  Think of it as dinner + a show).  Follow us on Facebook:  Kayla Taylor Jazz 

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Please continue to protect yourselves and know that we are only playing at venues that are taking the precautions that need to be taken in order to host live entertainment

.We came, we saw, we cul-de-sac'd!!!


Come one, come all - come to the Old Vinings Inn this Friday, October 16.  Come have a fantastic dinner, cocktails and music by Kayla & Steve.  Every precaution imaginable is being taken to insure your protection.  When you call to make your reservation, please tell them you want to be in THE ATTIC with Kayla & Steve.   YAY!!!!  Our show begins at 8PM and lasts until 10PM.  $15 cover.  Spend $20 and you get a gift card for $10 for a return visit to Old Vinings Inn.  HOORAY!!!  BUT capacity is limited and if you wanna join us - you need to make your plans now.  Its beautiful patio weather and there are a few tables left on the  upstairs patio.  Steve and I always put a speaker outside so you can hear what's happening on the inside.  WE'VE GOT YOU!!!

Gigs begin to return! 

Hello Out There! Ladies and Gentlemen… slowly but surely… we are seeing the return of gigs.  Grateful doesn’t even begin to express how happy we are to be back out with you.  Thankful for caring venues that are taking such great care to protect us, you and their staff.  Please come join us and gelp us save these venues and live music.

This week: Old Vinings Inn

Jazzers in the Attic!

POST QUARANTINE GIG at Old Vinings Inn! 

Well, we couldn't have been more thrilled than to have local restauranteur, Lee Schulman, reach out to us and invite us to be part of his Grand RE-opening weekend at Old Vinings Inn.  The Kayla & Steve Jazzy Duo will be in THE ATTIC BAR and we can't wait to see you.  Doors for the Attic Bar open at 7pm and our show will be from 8p - 10p.  There is a $15 cover but you will be given a $10 gift card for your return visit to Old Vinings Inn.  Come prepared to have fun and spend money.  Yippeeee!  Back in business but in a socially distant sort of way.  Space is limited to reach out and make your reservations TODAY so you don't miss out on this fun night Post Quarantine 2020!  Phone:  770.438.2282


Not sure about the rest of you guys but down here in ATL it has been hot as Hell all summer long.  We are all thrilled to finally have some relief.  Today it's raining and that is a welcome thing, too.  Thank goodness we are finally getting some rain and relief from the heat.  How about you?  What's going on in your neck of the woods.   Just a reminder that we are at Ray's in the City every Friday Night AND also this Thursday we will be at Red Sky Tapas+Bar in East Cobb (Marietta, GA).  This past weekend we played at a private house party and it was absolutely delightful!  We are available for all your musical needs - just let us know how we can help. ;). Calendar is starting to fill up for 2020 so if there's something you'd like to do that involves hiring us for your music - just reach out and let us know.  We're just an email, text, phone call or facebook post away.  HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!



Spring is in the air!  HOORAY!!!!

Its a great time to come out and support local music of any kind but especially your favorite jazz combo.  So come on out and check out our gigs on the GIG PAGE.  Just click the tab up top and voila!


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